AT&T Real-Time Content Processing Engineer in El Segundo, California


AT&T Entertainment Group is looking for a talented Engineer to join the team in El Segundo, California to design, develop, integrate and test Content Processing Systems to deliver to AT&T customers the best in class Video and Audio services. These platforms provide picture and sound for the content customers want to watch, whenever they want, wherever they want.

This Engineer shall be able to write technical specifications based on industry standards and business needs, design and develop systems and solutions to meet those specifications, as well as integrate and test them against those specifications.

About thejob

  • Video andaudio formats and technologies

  • The candidate shall be able todescribe video and audio formats in terms of resolution, frame rate, scanningmode, video components, audio frames, as well as ancillary data such as closedcaptioning, subtitling and event signaling (SCTE 104/35).

  • Live videoand audio encoding/compression formats

  • Familiarity with MPEG-2, MPEG-4,HEVC, AC3, AAC, HAAC and other compression formats for video and audio isrequired. The candidate should be able to describe basic principles ofcompression and how it may affect the quality of image and sound, as well asthe tools for measuring and improving it.

  • Real time mediadelivery over network and packaging formats

  • Transport formats such as MPEG2-TS,SMPTE 2022 and FEC basic knowledge is also required, as well as HLS and DASH packagingformats. Networking protocols for real time applications are required, TCP-IPis highly utilized on both Multicast and Unicast network environment, thereforeSource Specific Multicast and other IP protocols should be well known by thecandidate.

  • Ad insertiontechnologies

  • The candidate shall demonstratebasic knowledge on commercial insertion technologies, and be able to describe asystem for national ad insertion, local ad insertion and dynamic ad insertion.

  • Real timemonitoring systems

  • To demonstrate knowledge ofdifferent types of monitoring systems for video, audio and data associated withit is also required from the candidate. Video and audio quality metrics,transport quality metrics, QoS and other metrics to ensure the proper intake,processing and distribution of TV services is a must for this position.

Experience Requirements

  • BS Electrical Engineering, Computer Science or equivalent work experience. MS Electrical Engineering or Computer Science desired,

  • Candidate must have at least 3 years of experience workingwith Live TV Services distribution over the internet.

  • At least 7 years ofexperience designing and/or testing systems for real time delivery of Video andAudio is highly desired.